Green Energy Contracting, LLC (GEC) is positioning itself as one of the leading contractors in providing Superior Site Solutions. As a leading provider of land site development and solutions in the panhandle of northwest Florida, GEC proclaims that the projects it completes are solutions our clients can stand on with confidence. Our team of employees, specialists, and consultants are experts in the fields of land procurement and development, site restoration and engineering. We are trailblazers with the experience to warrant the success of every solution we provide.

Founded in 2008, GEC has spent the past 10 years building a company of excellence. At GEC we believe in providing superior site solutions whether we are clearing land for new home construction, installing underground utilities for government contracts, or researching best practices for sustainability projects. Over the years the company has had the honor and pleasure of working with some of the leading industry pacesetters along the Emerald Coast.

In positioning itself for projected growth, Green Energy Contracting has launched a new campaign for 2019. The new year will first bring a rebranded image for the company. GEC will unveil a new brand initiative with a new logo, new website and new marketing collateral. As the company becomes more visible in the construction industry of the Emerald Coast, it is vital that the company reflect the superior service it provides. In addition to the new image of the company, 2019 will also breath new life into GEC by way of new and exciting projects. This winter will commence an initiative that the GEC principals are confident will propel the company into a year of unprecedented increase, new ventures, and innovative technologies. GEC is armed with a new mission of providing superior site solutions rooted in the latest research and engineering, fortified with premium manufacturing that is tested and trusted, and executed by the signature expertise of professionals who excel in the fields of technology, engineering, construction, physics, and utility management. Ultimately, the new year will bring the securing of a new home for Green Energy Contracting with the groundbreaking of a new office and facility for the growing company. Formerly located in Alabama, GEC will move its offices and storage facility to a new location in northwest Florida.

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